What We Offer

  • Strategic Development: Offering expertise in crafting and refining business strategies.
  • Leadership Empowerment: Leadership training to foster a culture of success and growth.
  • PMO Enhancement and Integration: Streamlining project management processes and elevating PMO capabilities.
  • Process Improvement: Continuous process improvement to drive efficiency, adaptability, and long-term organizational excellence.
  • Technology and Process Innovation: Facilitating the adoption of cutting-edge technologies


We specialize in transforming your company’s vision into a tangible roadmap for success. Our strategic expertise empowers organizations to bridge the gap between visionary thinking and actionable execution. We work collaboratively to define clear, achievable objectives and chart the strategic course that paves the way to realizing your vision. Let us guide you on the journey from concept to concrete results.


We understand that an organization’s success begins with its people. Our mission is to empower individuals within your company to excel, collaborate, and drive meaningful change. We focus on enhancing skills, optimizing processes, and strengthening the very foundation of your organization.


We are dedicated to helping organizations achieve peak performance through expertly crafted processes and methodologies. Our comprehensive suite of services covers all aspects of process management, project management, metrics, and continuous process improvement.


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, technology plays a pivotal role in driving growth, efficiency, and innovation. At Improving Processes, we are your trusted partners in harnessing the power of technology to propel your organization forward. Our comprehensive technology services encompass digital solution assessments, strategy development, and implementation, ensuring that technology is a catalyst for your success.


We understand the unique challenges faced by organizations in the Life Sciences industry when you need your organization to expand your people, process and technology. 

Our expertise goes beyond merely facilitating growth or helping you become more efficient; we offer comprehensive end-to-end implementation and adeptly navigate the intricate landscape of the industry.  We also are not offering a cookie cutter operating system.

After working with and talking to thousands of executives in life sciences, we have identified the six pillars that organizations need to succeed. These insights form the foundation of our approach, ensuring that we provide tailored solutions that not only become the fuel for growth but also enhance operational efficiency and encourage innovation in your organization.

Who We Serve


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Scaling? It’s about People, Process, and Technology. Sounds simple, right? Think again – it’s anything but!

Recent Insights

Principles of Operations Management

Strategic Business Consulting

We specialize in strategic business consulting that empowers organizations to scale effectively and efficiently. Our approach, anchored in the ScalingMethod™️, focuses on delivering tailored solutions in strategic planning, organizational design, process optimization, and digital transformation. Understanding that clear vision, precise strategy, and streamlined processes are the cornerstones of sustainable growth, our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop and implement strategies that not only meet the current needs but also anticipate future challenges. We emphasize roles and responsibility clarity, ensuring that every team member is aligned with the organization’s goals. Our commitment to measurement transparency and continuous process evolution helps businesses not only achieve but also maintain their competitive edge. We don’t just advise – we partner with our clients to transform their vision into tangible results, driving success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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Training & Education

Our training programs are meticulously designed to foster growth and efficiency in organizations. Centered around the innovative ScalingMethod™️, our offerings encompass leadership development, strategic execution, and process improvement methodologies like Lean and Six Sigma. We recognize that the bedrock of organizational success lies in skilled and visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and operational excellence. Our training modules are crafted to enhance these core competencies. Through interactive workshops, personalized coaching, and practical exercises, we ensure that participants not only grasp theoretical concepts but also apply them effectively in their professional environments. We focus on creating a learning experience that clarifies roles and responsibilities, sharpens strategic thinking, and hones the skills necessary for leading high-performing teams. 

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People & Staffing

Our people and staffing solutions are designed to provide dynamic support to organizations through Fractional Executives and flexible staffing options. We specialize in offering expertise in project management, medical writing, and data analytics. Understanding the diverse and evolving needs of businesses, we provide seasoned professionals on a fractional basis, offering the leadership and skills of experienced executives tailored to your specific requirements. Our flexible staffing model ensures that you have access to the right talent, exactly when you need it, whether for short-term projects or long-term strategic initiatives. This approach allows organizations to remain agile, cost-effective, and focused on their core objectives, with the assurance of high-quality, professional support in critical business areas.

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Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting services are expertly designed to guide clients through the complexities of technology adoption and integration. We specialize in requirements gathering, vendor selection, and technology implementation, ensuring a seamless and strategic approach to digital transformation. Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in driving business efficiency and innovation, we provide comprehensive support from the initial stages of identifying specific technological needs to the final implementation. Our approach is tailored to each client’s unique context, facilitating informed decision-making in vendor selection and ensuring that the technology solutions implemented are perfectly aligned with their business objectives. This service empowers organizations to not only embrace suitable cutting-edge technologies but also to leverage them effectively for enhanced performance and competitive advantage.

Ready to move forward but lacking the capacity?

Are you concerned about assembling the right team to move forward?

We have you covered, 5280 Life Sciences has a plethora of resources, including Operations, Project Management, Quality & Process Improvement, and even our Fractional COO Services, all designed to assist you in implementing your scaling plans. With our comprehensive support, you can confidently embark on your growth journey.

Who We Have Worked With

Mark Luksic, PMP

Don helped our organization to mature its project management methodology and helped me to ramp up in my role as portfolio management lead. He possesses the unique combination of technical acumen, interpersonal skills, and leadership capabilities that make him an effective collaborator and contributor to any team.

Thomas J. Hannigan

Don ran a number of complex projects for our team at Regeneron. He was the “go to” person when we need a project to get back on track. Excellent organization and communication skills and top notch PM.

Ian Bullock

We’re in an era of unprecedented change, requiring insight, resources, courage, and innovative approaches for long-term success. Don Davis excels in this environment, focusing on the human aspect of change to ensure benefits and value creation. A lean six sigma practitioner, Don tackles problems at their root and harnesses collective intelligence. He constantly seeks innovative strategies and services that deliver value to stakeholders.

GE Healthcare Testimonial

William Jaworski

Working with Don Davis at GE Healthcare was a privilege. A skilled business leader, he excelled in enhancing operational efficiencies and customer commitment. Don’s strategic development and translation into measurable steps were crucial for complex process changes. He adeptly aligned teams towards success, foreseeing organizational needs in people, processes, and technology. Don’s dedication, energy, and charisma, coupled with his passion for tackling unique business challenges, make him an invaluable leader.

Fraser Black

Don is a rare leader who combines outstanding operational skills with business success. At GE Healthcare Life Sciences, his leadership in driving business improvement significantly boosted profitability and service quality. Don excelled in leading operational changes for enhanced customer service and was key in making the organization more operationally effective and profitable. I highly recommend Don without any reservations.