The Full Story

The reality for most small to medium sized companies is that they have to overcome scaling challenges everyday.  I am personally concerned about companies that will not make it through one of their valleys of death (we all know that there are multiple) due to scalability challenges.

For most of my career I have been helping companies who are looking at overcoming scaling challenges.  While working with GE Healthcare we acquired 8 different companies that were small to medium sized companies that needed my help in overcoming scaling challenges to the point that leaders would say that we either needed to overcome the challenges or shutdown the acquired company.  In all cases I was able to work with the leaders and turn the situation around.  I then moved to BD (Becton Dickinson) and leveraged many of the same tools to help them scale their organization.  After working with a startup in Colorado I decided that the tools that I used large and medium corporations helped smaller organizations accelerate their abilities even more.  

At 5280 Life Sciences, I wanted to build a company that would face into these challenges and by using our ScalingMethod™️ model we could ensure that the latest diagnostics and drugs would make it to market.

Don Davis PhD, MBA (Founder)