Case Study –

PMO Portfolio Management


This case study details the ongoing consultancy services provided by 5280 Life Science Consulting, LLC to MDDx, a diagnostics company facing challenges in advancing their diagnostic solutions.


The primary objective was to focus the organization on development, support IT infrastructure, align funding partners, and provide strategic operational support.



  1. Stalled Diagnostic Development: MDDx was struggling to move its diagnostics forward due to various internal and external challenges.
  2. Inadequate IT Infrastructure: The existing IT systems were not robust enough to support the company’s growth and development needs.
  3. Misaligned Funding Partners: Difficulty in aligning with funding partners who share the same vision and goals.
  4. Lack of Strategic Operational Support: The absence of a structured approach to operational management was hindering progress.



Accelerated Diagnostic Development


Strengthened IT Infrastructure

Funding Partnerships

5280 Life Science Consulting Approach

5280 Life Science Consulting, LLC offers more than just consultancy; we provide ongoing COO services that focus on comprehensive end-to-end implementation. Our approach is rooted in the six pillars essential for organizational success, ensuring tailored solutions that fuel growth, enhance operational efficiency, and encourage innovation.



The ongoing consultancy and COO services provided by 5280 Life Science Consulting, LLC have been pivotal in MDDx’s journey towards becoming a leader in the diagnostics field. The company is now well-positioned to achieve its strategic objectives and looks forward to a long-term partnership with 5280 Life Sciences Consulting, LLC.

“5280 Life Science Consulting has been instrumental in turning our challenges into opportunities. Their COO services have not only streamlined our diagnostic development but also fortified our IT infrastructure and aligned us with the right funding partners. They are not just consultants; they are an extension of our team.”

John Martigenetti

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  1. Accelerated Diagnostic Development: Achieved significant milestones in the development pipeline.  (i.e. sample completion, publications)
  2. Strengthened IT Infrastructure: Enhanced the IT systems to support current and future needs.
  3. Successful Funding Partnerships: Secured alignment with key funding partners, ensuring financial stability.  Currently finalizing $10MM in funding.