Case Study –

PMO Portfolio Management


This case study outlines the consultancy services provided by 5280 Life Science Consulting, LLC to Biotech A (the name of this client has been witheld for privacy reasons). The pharmaceutical company was grappling with challenges in project portfolio management and overall project performance.


The primary objective was to improve project performance and velocity, which would eventually lead to the establishment of a more robust Project Management Office (PMO).



  1. Inefficient Project Portfolio: Difficulty in prioritizing tasks and allocating resources effectively.
  2. Low Project Velocity: Projects were often delayed, affecting productivity and profitability.
  3. Need to Improve Operational Efficiency:  Process optimization, time management and cost management need to imrove.



Increased Project Completion


Project Velocity


Operational Efficiency

5280 Life Science Consulting Approach

Our expertise goes beyond merely facilitating growth; we offer comprehensive end-to-end implementation and adeptly navigate the intricate landscape of the Life Sciences industry. The six pillars that form the foundation of our approach ensured that we provided tailored solutions that not only fueled growth but also enhanced operational efficiency and encouraged innovation at Biotech A.



The consultancy services provided by 5280 Life Science Consulting, LLC led to significant improvements in Biotech A’s project management capabilities. The company is now well-positioned to meet its strategic objectives and is keen on further collaboration.

“Working with 5280 Life Science Consulting transformed our approach to project management. Their expertise not only led to a 37% increase in project completion rates but also accelerated our project velocity by 25%. They didn’t just provide solutions; they revolutionized our entire project management framework. We’re not just satisfied; we’re eager for our next collaboration.”

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  1. Improved Project Performance: Achieved a 37% increase in project completion rates.
  2. Enhanced Project Velocity: Reduced the average project duration, achieving a 25% increase in project velocity.
  3. Increased Operational Efficiency: Achieved a 20% improvement in operational efficiency.