Donald Davis PhD, MBA

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Experienced Business Strategy and Operations Leader

Proven Track Record of Driving Strategic Growth, Process Improvement and System Implementation


Seasoned strategy & operations expert with a diverse industry background. I bring a proven track record of driving operational excellence and strategic growth across a wide spectrum of sectors, including technology, healthcare, construction, and aviation. With a wealth of experience in navigating both private and government sectors, I am adept at operating within and adapting to the unique challenges and requirements of regulated industries.  Renowned for rapidly adapting to new industries and delivering immediate, substantial impact, my expertise spans technology transformation, strategic planning, digital transformation, and mergers & acquisitions. Equipped with extensive business development experience, I've successfully managed portfolios ranging from tens of millions to billions of dollars, driving significant growth and profitability.  As a trusted advisor to executive leadership, I've consistently delivered innovative solutions to complex problems, regardless of the industry.


Career Highlights:


¬∑       Spearheaded strategic planning initiatives that resulted in significant operational improvements and revenue growth for life sciences clients.

¬∑       Successfully led M&A projects, facilitating seamless integration, and realizing synergies.

¬∑       Conducted comprehensive primary and secondary research to inform strategic decision-making.

¬∑       Led qualitative and quantitative analyses, including financial modeling and sales projections, to support client engagements.

¬∑       Synthesized insights from analyses to develop actionable recommendations and implementation plans.

¬∑       Developed comprehensive strategies for organizations of all sizes, resulting in multi-generational implementation maps that ensure long-term, sustainable growth and success.

¬∑       Produced high-quality client deliverables, including presentations, reports, and key findings summaries.

¬∑       Supported business development efforts, contributing to proposal writing and thought leadership.

¬∑       Played a key role in the growth and development of the strategy practice through active contribution and leadership.


Core Competencies Include:

Change and Growth Management | Budget Management | Global P&L Responsibility | Information Technology | Statistical Analysis | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Supply Chain | Strategy Development Staff Management | Relationship Building | New Business Operations | Strategic Planning | GMP/GLP Market Expansion | Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy | Team Building | Capital Allocation | Board Relations | Mitigation Plans | Organization Design | Scorecard Planning | Process Improvement | Manufacturing | Contract Negotiation | Vendor Relations | Revenue Growth | Project Management | Medical Devices | Microsoft Office Proficiency



President & Principal | 2020 – Present
5280 Life Sciences Consulting, LLC – Denver, CO


In my role as Principal Sr Executive Consultant, I have worked with teams in driving operational excellence, strategic growth, and process improvement in healthcare and life science companies.

Executive Sr. Project & Program Manager Consultant | 2020 - Present

¬∑       Develop and implement an innovation pipeline and technology roadmap for enterprise clients, ensuring the controlled execution of short- and long-term vision, plans, and directives.

¬∑       Implemented integrated organizational plans and guide the development, implementation, and execution of projects.¬†

¬∑       Collect and organize project artifacts and ensure that project managers are leveraging the common toolset of the organization.¬†

¬∑       Develop tools and capabilities for supporting the organizational capture of future project deliverables.¬†

¬∑       Manage multi-team projects, developing creative solutions and recommendations for clients, and ensuring alignment with the client‚Äôs organizational strategy.


Executive Process Improvement Consultant | 2020 – Present

¬∑       Proactively identify efficiency issues and proposed solutions, leading to operational improvements and growth in the diagnostics and pharmaceutical sectors.

¬∑       Leverage Lean/Six Sigma tools to facilitate and execute multigenerational plan for process improvement with clients.¬†

¬∑       Provide statistical analysis of commercial and operational data to further understand key performance capability of the organization.

¬∑       Work cross functionally to resolve identified business performance issues.¬†


Executive Analytics Consultant | 2020 - Present

¬∑       Create key organizational performance metrics and reporting capabilities.

¬∑       Develop key reporting capability for organizational executive dashboard leading to daily reporting reviews at department level.¬†

¬∑       Lead technology selection projects for data capture and analytics clients.

¬∑       Led implementation of data cataloging (Alation) ensuring vendor deliverables met the clients needs.

¬∑       Oversaw the implementation of Tableau Server for a client's enterprise, ensuring that the dashboards at the Commercial level accurately recorded performance data for the execution of sales activities at the field level.


Executive Business Operations (COO) Consultant | 2020 - Present

¬∑       Effectively eliminated transactional duties from CEO further enabling the growth of supported organizations.¬†

¬∑       Guide the day-to-day operations of healthcare and life science companies, ensuring operational excellence and scalability.

¬∑       Manage the strategic planning and implementation for diagnostic and pharmaceutical divisions, driving significant improvements in operational efficiency and market share.

¬∑       Execute quarterly and annual budgeting processes, providing in-depth financial analysis and sales projections for diagnostic and pharmaceutical products.

¬∑       Provided leadership in executive meetings, including senior executive and board-level meetings, presenting to senior executives at portfolio and project steering committees.

¬∑       Work closely with small to medium drug development companies, supporting the organization from pre-Clinical to Clinical Development stages, and supported diagnostic development from early proof of concept to final stability.


Quality (QMS) Consultant | 2020 - Present

¬∑       Develop crucial medical device infrastructure in support of developing Quality Management System (QMS).

¬∑       Led multiple remediation projects post (QMS) audits and aided in remediating key findings for clients.

¬∑       Tracked and Facilitated Quality leadership status calls for the remediation plans.

¬∑       Led in the selection and implementation of QMS technology that matched the current needs of the client.¬†


Training & Facilitation Consultant | 2020 - Present

¬∑       Developed and conducted hands-on training for Sr. Executives and Corporate Counsel in Medical Device, Building QMS, Drug Development Timeline, Patents, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Startup Funding.

¬∑       Facilitated enterprise working session for CEO Technology Transformation project.¬†

¬∑       Established executive and leadership development programs for director and management level employees.



Chief Operating Officer | 2021 – Present
MDDx – New York, NY


MDDx is developing a breakthrough women’s health diagnostic focused on reproductive health.  In my role I am helping the company create clear pathways to finalize technology lock and initially get through CLIA approval and FDA clearance.  Oversaw day-to-day company operations, defined, and implemented operational strategies, and advised the CEO on matters related to operations and team leadership. Managed the budgeting process and P&L responsibilities, and proactively identified and addressed efficiency issues.


¬∑       Defined and implemented operational strategy to finalize technology lock, secure CLIA approval and FDA clearance, aligning with company's mission and core values.

¬∑       Oversee day-to-day operations, driving operational development and growth, and ensuring operational excellence.

¬∑       Advise CEO on operations, diagnostic development, and team leadership, providing regular performance updates to the senior leadership team.

¬∑       Built and maintained IT systems platform, showcasing proficiency in technology and process improvement.

¬∑       Established base level Project Management Office (PMO) and key activities for the development team, demonstrating strong team leadership skills.

¬∑       Collaborated in efforts to validate final statistical models and artificial intelligence capability for sample analysis and detection.¬†

¬∑       Manage controlled execution of short- and long-term vision, plans, and directives, effectively contributing to the company's overall strategy and process improvement.

¬∑       Direct fundraising activities, built public presence, and utilized a vast network in life sciences to support the organization's strategic growth.

¬∑       Conduct financial analysis and sales projections for diagnostic products, managing the budgeting process and P&L responsibilities.

¬∑       Led strategic planning and implementation of diagnostic product development, increasing product portfolio by 30%.

¬∑       Foster relationships with industry leaders to shape solutions and enhance company's position in the market.



Senior Executive | 2019 – 2020
ArcherDX – Boulder, CO


As Executive VP of PMO & Business Development/Alliance, I demonstrated strategic leadership and operational excellence, driving business growth and ensuring efficient delivery of BD/Alliance and R&D programs. 


VP Program Management Office (PMO) | 2019-2020

¬∑       Defined and implemented operations strategy, structure, and processes, establishing standards and tools for effective project management.

¬∑       Managed day-to-day operations, leading organizational restructuring of SaaS platforms to enhance organizational benefits.

¬∑       Maintained a working knowledge of all phases of operations, managing all aspects of therapeutic area projects from clinical trials to clinical pharmacology analyses.

¬∑       Interviewed, hired, trained, and mentored the operations management team, growing the Alliance and PMO teams from 2 to 13 employees.

¬∑       Demonstrated project and budget management skills, managing all phases of multiple therapeutic area projects with full P&L ownership.

¬∑       Implemented a project management platform that led to a successful medical device submission and approval in Japan (PMDA).


VP Alliance & Business Development | 2019-2020

¬∑       Exhibited strong business acumen, establishing a plan that resulted in a $137M pipeline and $300M in active projects with Pharma partners.

¬∑       Managed the quarterly and annual budgeting process and P&L responsibilities, overseeing multiple therapeutic area projects.

¬∑       Provided regular performance updates to the senior leadership team, facilitating successful negotiations of contracts with vendors.

¬∑       Coordinated support to operations throughout the business, collaborating with the sales team to build outstanding sales and marketing strategies.



Executive Sr Director Implementation | 2018 – 2019
Roche Diagnostics – Indianapolis, IN


As Executive Sr Director of Implementation, I led a team of professionals in executing strategic and tactical implementation plans, driving operational excellence and customer success.


¬∑       Managed day-to-day operations, leading a team of 35 PMP certified project managers to deliver Roche‚Äôs most complex products to customers.

¬∑       Defined and implemented operations strategy, structure, and processes, standardizing program and project management through the implementation of SaaS tools.

¬∑       Managed the quarterly and annual budgeting process and P&L responsibilities, overseeing the strategic execution of implementation as a major enabler for the organization.

¬∑       Maintained a working knowledge of all phases of operations, working cross-functionally within Roche and with customers to ensure operational excellence.

¬∑       Coordinated support to operations throughout the business, working with design centers, customer general contractors, manufacturing, planning, and training teams.

¬∑       Interviewed, hired, trained, and mentored the operations management team, developing a high-performing team recognized by the CEO for their leadership.

¬∑       Provided regular performance updates to the senior leadership team, developing a 3-year roadmap to deliver a "best in class" implementation experience for customers.

¬∑       Demonstrated project and budget management skills, implementing the sponsorship model that transformed the empowerment of the PMI organization.

¬∑       Exhibited strong business acumen, holding the first-ever global implementation summit to bring together all leaders in charge of implementing Roche diagnostic solutions worldwide.


Executive Director Global Service | 2015 – 2018
Becton Dickinson – Sparks, MD


As Executive Director of Global Service, I led a transformation of the service organization's core operations, technology, service R&D, and training, enhancing customer satisfaction and enabling service solutions.


¬∑       Managed day-to-day operations, leading a global team of 600 people who engineered, trained, and supported customers for BD‚Äôs entire diagnostics line.

¬∑       Defined and implemented operations strategy, structure, and processes, developing clear KPIs that led to significant cost reductions and revenue growth.

¬∑       Managed the quarterly and annual budgeting process and P&L responsibilities, overseeing the development of R&D reductions of $13MM in the cost to service of BD capital equipment across 15 products while doubling service revenue.

¬∑       Maintained a working knowledge of all phases of operations, implementing 14 KPIs that increased transparency and performance for BD and its customers.

¬∑       Coordinated support to operations throughout the business, influencing key decision makers in implementing key processes and solutions that improved customer satisfaction.

¬∑       Interviewed, hired, trained, and mentored the operations management team.

¬∑       Provided regular performance updates to the senior leadership team, serving on the board of directors for TSIA (Technical Service Industry Association) Field Services.

¬∑       Demonstrated project and budget management skills.

¬∑       Exhibited strong business acumen, influencing key decision makers in implementing key processes and solutions that improved customer satisfaction.

¬∑       Showcased benefits of technology for product demonstrations and training utilizing the HTC VIVE, Microsoft HoloLens, and Google Cardboard.


Senior Executive | 1997 – 2015
GE Healthcare/Life Sciences – Waukesha,WI


 During my tenure at GE Healthcare, I held several senior executive roles where I led various teams and projects, driving significant improvements in operations, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. I was also involved in 8 M&A post-integration recovery efforts, demonstrating my abilities as a multi-team global leader in operations.


Global General Manager Microscopy Services | 2013 – 2015

¬∑       Managed a global team responsible for a ~$60MM P&L, including R&D, marketing, dispatch, parts supply-chain, remote support, and field support of 1800 confocal and super-resolution microscopes globally.

¬∑       Set strategic direction for all microscopy support globally, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and improved service performance.

¬∑       Launched a marketing plan to increase service revenue by 20% while increasing contract capture rates.

¬∑       Created a VCP project that reduced costs by 75% in our most expensive parts, resulting in >$1MM in GE savings in part cost annually.


General Manager Innovation and Technology | 2011 – 2013

¬∑       Led a team focused on developing products that would support improving validation and operational efficiency of our pharmaceutical company customers.

¬∑       Developed a pipeline of projects on track to deliver 10x growth with minimal investment.

¬∑       Rescued a multimillion-dollar product development and transformed it into a functional product launch.

¬∑       Created a three-year product pipeline that will accelerate business growth while maintaining >50% margin.


Life Science Service Global Operations Manager | 2007 – 2011

¬∑       Managed a global staff of 14 managers in Sweden, China, Japan, and North America.

¬∑       Initiated a global project that is progressing in decreasing the service response time by 50%.

¬∑       Implemented a project for reducing inventory globally by 20% while increasing delivery response to customers by 25%.

¬∑       Established solid inventory supply chain controls and reporting, resulting in a reduction of >$2MM in Global Service Inventory.


Lean / Six Sigma-MBB & QA Leader | 2005 – 2007

¬∑       Responsible for consulting with leaders regarding projects of current strategic importance to increase product quality and reduce process cycle-time.

¬∑       Reduced all diagnostic imaging product installation cycle-time by >30 days by implementing installation productivity projects.

¬∑       Increased the capacity of information flow within the customer design center that reduced a need for 3 FTE‚Äôs, lowered a 2-year backlog of 274 customer orders and a cycle-time of 14 days to <40 customer orders and cycle-time 4 days.


Director Regional Service | 2001 – 2005

¬∑       Engaged with Hospitals at the CEO and CIO level to manage installed equipment base, manage information security, and provide overviews of the complex IT architecture needed to support the imaging platforms.

¬∑       Managed a team of 37 IT professionals who support and develop solutions that meet customer needs.

¬∑       Drove a team of national Six Sigma projects which resulted in savings of $148MM annually.


Director of Technical Operations & Acting Zone VP | 1997 – 2001

¬∑       Acted as VP for 6 months operating a $250MM business with 10 direct reports and 194 indirect reports.

¬∑       Doubled corporate earnings for the service revenue while increasing the margin for laser service by 10%.

¬∑       Successfully integrated an acquisition, relocated businesses headquarters, and transferred engineering knowledge into GE structure.




PhD in Organizational Management and Information Technology

Capella University, Minneapolis, MN

GPA: 3.9

Master of Business Administration

Indiana Wesleyan University, Indianapolis, IN

GPA: 4.0

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Indiana Wesleyan University, Indianapolis, IN

Associate of Science in Laser Electro-Optics Technology

Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN




Certified Scrum Master

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certified

Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Training Instructor Trained

POSCI (ADKAR) – Change Management Certified




Published a Book: Overcommitted: How to transform your habits and achieve the life you desire.

PHD Dissertation – Acceptance of Personal Health Record Technology: A Survey Analysis of the Elderly

Published Surgical Laser CBT (Computer Based Training) – Understanding the Basics of Surgical Lasers