Quality and Process improvement can be a  key differentiator for life science organizations operating in today’s complex and global healthcare landscape.

New commercial models, outsourcing to low-cost countries, and increasingly complex and varied regulatory requirements across different markets are just a few of the challenges facing today’s innovators.

We help our clients by:

  • Streamlining processes and optimizing workflows 

  • Improving data management and analytics 

  • Supplier management and quality systems

  • Product quality remediation & Audit support

By focusing on these key areas, we are able to help our life science clients create a more efficient and effective organization capable of meeting the challenges of the global healthcare landscape.

Program Management

The Path to Success

From major capital projects and transformations to strategic initiatives of all types and complexities, 5280 Life Science Consulting Project Management Office (PMO) services can help you control and monitor variables throughout a project’s life cycle to keep it on track and delivering against its objectives.

PMOs are particularly helpful in organizing, clarifying direction, and ensuring that you are working on the right thing. Our PMO services also help improve focus, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

We help clients develop:

  • Methodologies and standards 

  • Processes and mechanisms for risk management

  • Project Selection with clear demand management

  • Change management practices

Technology Implementation & Transformation

A Comprehensive Approach

As companies grow, so does the need for systems and tools that will support your business. Picking tools that will boost performance today and grow with you is absolutely key.

We help companies with their most ambitious projects to improve existing systems or build new capabilities. From initial solution requirements to vendor selection through successful implementation.

We help our clients: 

  • Build clear selection criteria

  • Work with vendors to achieve the most favorable price

  • Clearly define requirements and outputs

  • Implement solutions with clear timelines and goals